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Singer Songwriter
Motivational Vlogger

Singer Songwriter & Motivational Vlogger

About Me

Sharnette Bailey-Ekerin is happily married to Pastor Akorede Ekerin and they are blessed with two lovely children Tobi and Temi. She assists her husband in pastoring Majesty Habitation of Praise. Today like never before people are crying out for so many different things. They are praying now more than ever. We need God’s touch. We need the Lord to send a cleansing. We need to hear and feel him right now. We need to feel his presence and to know that the Lord is with us.

Shamar has always created music that encourages people and draws them closer to the Lord. She has been saved as a teen and is always actively involved in various activities in the church, such as the choir, outreach programs within the local community, sign language and many more.

Shamar music touches the soul, because she’s lived these songs and wants to share the strength and purpose she’s found. She was previously the captain of The Boys Brigade and runs yearly youth conferences and outings. She presently teaches Sunday school, sings on the choir and runs her own blog on YouTube known as ‘Keeping in touch’.

Serving God has long been the focal point of Shamar’s life. She is a devoted Christian and family orientated person. She loves music and likes to inspire people to achieve their maximum potential. She loves to have fun with her family and friends and values relationships. She loves to serve in the house of God and believes that we should live and enjoy every day to its fullest as time lost cannot be regained.

There’s still love and hope and compassion in the world. Through her music she sees an opportunity to show the love and grace of the Lord. He’s given us some more time. Even when it looks like time is short, the Lord is giving us time. She leads by example and believes people should always aim high and increase their knowledge and not to settle for less. Also, that as Christians our goal is to show love, support and bring people to Christ.